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PJCE Records Presents | Ian Christensen Trio

The 1905
830 N Shaver St, Portland, OR 97227

Ian Christensen, tenor saxophone
Jonas Oglesbee, drums
and Chris Higgins, bass

Ian Christensen has spent the last decade performing with and learning from some of the finest musicians in the world. After spending …

Water Spirit: A tribute to Jim Pepper @ Midland Library

Midland Library
805 SE 122nd Ave, Portland, OR 97233

Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble (PJCE) honors the music and creative process of Oregon-born saxophonist Jim Pepper (Kaw/Creek) with a performance on the Jim Pepper Native Arts Festival featuring guest artists …

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Announcing “PJCE Records Presents” at the 1905

Douglas Detrick, Executive Director, douglas@pjce.org
Kim Gumbel, Vespertine Works, kim@vespertineworks.com

PJCE Records announces new showcase series at Portland jazz club, the 1905.
Original Portland Jazz. First Sundays. No Cover. …

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