Parallax | Ben Dietschi / Andrew Oliver Quartet


Parallax is a one-off collaboration between PJCE Records co founder Andrew Oliver and Toronto saxophonist Ben Dietschi.  After several years playing together in Tunnel Six, Ben and Andrew wanted to explore a new setting involving more free improvisation and spacious compositions.  One thing the label is interested in is engendering this kind of new collaboration between Portland artists and musicians from elsewhere and encouraging special one-off recording sessions alongside documenting existing working bands.  We hope you enjoy the music!


Ben Dietschi, soprano and tenor sax
Andrew Oliver, piano
Bill Athens, bass
Stephen Pancerev, drums
with special guest Dan Duval, guitar


“Taking a break from the heavily composed work of their outfit Tunnel Six, saxophonist Dietschi and pianist Oliver gathered up bassist Bill Athens and drummer Stephen Pancerev (plus guest guitarist Dan Duval) for a set of tunes that provided more space for spontaneity. While some tracks have that unmistakable Tunnel Six melodic dynamic, others adopt a conventional post-bop stance from which to begin improvising into less conventional, more abstract territories.” – Dave Sumner, Wondering Sound