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DoubleDash’s collaborative composition technique is a process of conversational give and take where the band begins with musical fragments and arrives at fully formed, yet organic-sounding compositions. This release combines drummer/producer Machado Mijiga’s hip-hop and electronica-infused remixes with the original mixes by PJCE Executive Director, Douglas Detrick, that capture the feel of a live performance. They give a glimpse of this unique duo’s multi-layered creative process, a tantalizing peek at music yet to come.
released September 4, 2020

Compositions by DoubleDash, Dario LaPoma and Machado Mijiga
Recorded by Douglas Detrick at The 1905 in Portland, OR
“Home” and “Invertibro” mixed and mastered by Douglas Detrick
“Home (remix)” and “Invertibro(remix)” mixed and mastered by Machado Mijiga
This release was sponsored by The 1905, Belmont, and Jim and Melinda Jackson
all rights reserved

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