Operation Northwoods Podcast


We’re happy to present (as we do around the 1st of each month) a podcast preview of this month’s release, out on April 15, from the new collective group Operation Northwoods, featuring PJCE label directors Dan Duval  (guitar) and Andrew Oliver (piano) alongside NYC trumpeter Douglas Detrick and saxophonist Hashem Assadullahi.  This band was forged out of a simple desire to play with these fine folks from the East coast and has turned into a really interesting chamber group.  The lack of bass and drums leaves a lot of space for counterpoint and interaction and the new album “The Bureau of Fiction” showcases this aesthetic with selections composed by each band member and recorded at several sessions over the past two years.  The band recorded the podcast at a loud cafe in SE Portland right after the final recording session, have a listen and stay tuned for the official release on Apr. 15!

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