Oregonophony: Live at Fremont Theater

1. Samuel Hunt: Slippery Sweet 11:50
2. Andrew Endres: Senectitude 12:38
3. Jim Olsen: Migration 13:41
4. Eddie Bond: Bridges 17:46
5. Jessika Smith: From Here to There 20:34

At the end of 2016, the Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble (PJCE) sought proposals for our Oregonophony concert. We asked for Oregon-resident established and emerging professional composers, and college-level students who aspire to professional careers to tell us how they would compose for our unique 12-piece jazz ensemble using recorded sounds from Oregon as a point of departure. From a strong field of applicants from all over the state, we selected the five best: Jim Olsen, Jessika Smith, Eddie Bond, Sam Hunt, and Andrew Endres.

Rather than just talking about how this beautiful place inspires the jazz community, we created the opportunity for the audience to hear that inspiration in the moment. Our composers recorded the sounds of trains, the wind in the Columbia river gorge, a rainy day at a Portland park, a bicycle ride through the neighborhoods of Eugene, and rumblings of the Portland bridges.

Each composer incorporated some concrete element of their recording into their music. The field recordings were intricately coordinated with the performance of the piece it inspired, such that the audience can immediately hear the connection. Each composer introduced his or her piece, telling the backstory behind the recording and the music, to make the experience as inviting as possible for the audience.


released September 8, 2017

Recorded live at Fremont Theatre, 4/15/2017
Recorded by Johnny Keener
Mixed and Mastered by Andrew Endres
Art by tinylittlehammers

Lee Elderton – soprano sax; David Valdez – alto sax; Melissa Carroll – tenor sax; Mieke Bruggeman – bari sax; Thomas Barber – trumpet; Douglas Detrick – trumpet; Becca Olason – horn; Lars Campbell – trombone; Ryan Meagher – guitar; Kerry Politzer – piano; Dave Captein – bass; Ken Ollis – drums