Xylyn Hathaway – bass
George Colligan – drums
Quinn Walker – trumpet
James Powers – trombone
Wyck Malloy – tenor sax




Join us in celebration of Hathaway’s debut album!

“Air & Darkness is a reference to two things that link all people together: one physical and the other not. Air is something we all share and consume, and our internal beings often contain indistinguishable dialects of darkness, yet ironically, individualism is the prominent philosophy of our modern society.

This album is meant to be an expression of that struggle to feel connected with the external world while creating art, which is usually considered to be an endeavor of the ego: the internal self. We strive for constant awareness. The freeing quality of this music allows all the co-energy-manipulators you hear to externalize their individual instincts, and have some sort of effect on each other and the universe. What is that effect?”


Performance Details:

April 20th, 8 PM

Blue Butler Studios
2400 SE Holgate Blvd | Portland, OR

Tickets: $10

All Ages

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“As a band leader, Xy’s musical visions unfold and sprout behemoth architecture dimly lit, oozing spirits from the gills as it gasps for its first breath beneath thumps quantized in fractals. They propel a soloist or a broken poet off cliffs into Jupiter’s hurricane eye.

Xylyn Hathaway’s heart and music exude peace and play and oozing spirits, dancing between us, around us, below the violent ocean dismembered by big old stones.”

-David Barber

All compositions by Xylyn Hathaway
Recorded by Paris Butler
Mixed by Xylyn Hathaway
Recorded at Blue Butler Studios
Recording date: 11/25/2023
Mastered by Dana White
Executive Producer: Ryan Meagher
Photos by Xylyn Hathaway
Art by Xylyn Hathaway, and Tiny Little Hammers