Bryan Smith (saxophone) has performed with the PJCE a number of times, and as a skillful improviser with thoughtful, creative compositions, Smith has always had an affinity with the PJCE Records sound. He has been an active member of the jazz and improvised music scene in the Northwest for years. Having been a musician in both Seattle and Portland, Smith has been able to develop a unique and individualistic voice that is synonymous with West Coast jazz. Influenced by West Coast bebop and the Tristano School, mixed with the alternative rock of the 90’s that was popularized in the Northwest, Smith has found a way to incorporate history and regional identity in his music.

In 2018, Smith released two albums, This is Water and Let Me Take You There. Both albums were inspired by nature and aimed to bring awareness to the importance of environmental conservation. The latter album included poetry and photography and was supported by the Regional Arts and Culture Council. Selections from these albums and more will be presented at the 1905, August 4th.


Bryan Smith at the 1905