George Colligan leads his Theoretical Planets band in a livestream album release performance.

7 to 8:30 pm | Friday, February 26th
Livestreamed from Randy Porter’s studio in Portland, OR

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More about “Long Term Goals”

George Colligan is mostly known as an award-winning pianist/keyboardist, but he is also known as a multi-instrumentalist that plays drums, trumpet, bass, and vocals. He is a prolific composer, with a published book of his own compositions, who writes tunes that are often written for a specific musical function. His newest effort as a leader, Long Term Goals, is filled with compositions that highlight the unique timbre of the chord-less group. The tunes and playing on this album highlight the range of his musical leadership by showing humor, beauty, and intensity. There are even tunes that Colligan lays out on as a player to let the other players explore some carefully inspired collective composition.An album full of original pieces and free improvisation, Long Term Goals is a perfect match for PJCE Records. Now with over forty releases in the catalog, PJCE Records has always been a home for Oregon-based composers to have their work celebrated. Colligan is a force on the international stage, but he is also deeply immersed in the local scene of Portland, Oregon as a player and teacher. All of the incredible musicians on this album were either former students of Colligan’s at Portland State University, except tenor saxophonist, Joe Manis, who is a colleague.

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