The debut release of Portland-based trombonist, James Powers, is a beacon of musical honesty when the world is asking for truth to be told. James Powers leads his JP3 trio in celebration of their debut release, Damnation of Memory on PJCE Records at The 1905 on November 19th, 2021 at 11:55 pm.

When asked who he thought this album sounds like, James Powers said, “(Herbie Hancock’s) Mwandishi band crossed with Jimi Hendrix, but trombone. I set out to make a record that would sound like something Christian Scott might do if he decided he wanted to stop making elevator music.” 

Event details:

Friday, November 19th, 2021 at 11:55 pm
The 1905 | 830 N Shaver St, Portland, OR 97227
$15 cover charge
Tickets available online or at the door.
21 or older only.

The 1905 Ticket Policy:

SAME DAY TICKET PURCHASE CUTOFF: 5PM. After that time, we recommend arriving 30min prior to show for walk in availability.

RESERVATIONS: We are no longer accepting reservations. Instead we are selling event tickets. Please choose your event to purchase tickets. Patio seating is first come, first served. Garage door will remain closed until further notice.

1. All ticket sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.

2. Our COVID vaccine/negative test policy. (READ HERE)

3. $20/person minimum food & beverage purchase.

4. Arrive 30min prior to event to assure access to seating. We will hold seats for ticket holders until the show begins, at which time late-comers may be assigned standing room. These time constraints exist to make sure we can offer you full beverage and dining service while maintaining our show schedule for the evening.


About the artists:

Trombonist James Powers has been connected to creative music his whole life. A third generation musician who’s made his home in many styles of music, he’s always sought to meld disparate influences together. With this new release , he hopes to create various evocative improvisational soundscapes sharing a funk based rhythms and a punk rock ethos. James is largely self taught, and his unique artistic voice reflects this, though that’s not to say he’s uneducated, having been mentored by and shared the bandstand with a number of world-class musicians. In addition to JP-3, James can be heard with his rock trio REACTOR, March Fourth, Buddy Jay’s Jamaican Jazz Band, and The Frank Irwin Quintet amongst many other projects.

Multi-instrumentalist and Portland native, Machado Mijiga, wears many hats, both literally and metaphorically. Classically-trained, jazz-weathered, and eclectically inclined, Mijiga left the proverbial creative “box” at a very early age, with access to many instruments and a diverse musical background brought about by an intercultural heritage. Mijiga is a musical polymath; composer, producer, bandleader, educator, gear fanatic, and audio engineer, to name a few. Authenticity and uniquity assume the locus of Mijiga’s artistic identity. Self-expression is the prime directive, and the medium of choice changes like the weather.

Bassist, Matthew Holmes, was born in Portland, Oregon and his practice of the bass is a connection and blend of styles and lessons learned from his peers and mentors, musicians and non-musicians alike. He has supported the Portland scene in bands like Illegal Son, Haley Heynderickx, Toothbone, and Far Out West and played in a variety of configurations with his bandmates James Powers and Machado Mijiga. Now, he balances a traveling life of playing the bass and working on watershed restoration and biology. You can often tell how a musician plays before you hear them play, and you can tell how Matthew plays by how he lives and supports his peers. Some jellyfish live forever. However, with his limited span on this rock, Matthew chooses to decorate the time he inhabits with bass tones reminiscent of those experienced in the womb, the most secure place he has ever been. Matthew bring the low tones to JP-3!