Join us Thursday, September 27th, 2018 to spend an evening with James Miley, the composer of PJCE’s latest commission, “Watershed Suite.” This informal event at the home of a PJCE Sustainer is free to PJCE Sustainers.

Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, the Tamolitch Pool, Deadline Falls. These are some of the places  that inspired the writing of this new suite of music. James will share what he loves about each and how the music is directly connected. He’ll have photographs of each place for those who haven’t been to any of them, and will also give attendees a sneak peek at his notation software where the score for the piece is actually made. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about how jazz composers do their work, this will be an incredible opportunity!

The event is free to PJCE Sustainers, for whom we’ll share the address of the event by email. If you’ve been a PJCE fan for a long or short time, and haven’t gotten around to actually making a contribution, do it today! Become a PJCE Sustainer here.