The Creative Music Guild’s Outset Series, Curated by the PJCE

Like A Villain

With her voice, a clarinet, a glockenspiel, and a loop pedal, Holland Andrews of Like a Villain weaves haunting faerie tales of songs, capable of ethereal beauty and deafening, cathartic discord. Over the past few years, Andrews has established herself as one of the Northwest’s most daring and captivating performers. “Great, big sonic constructs that crash through your expectations of what music is supposed to be.” –Willamette Week

Tale in the Telling with Kela Parker

Douglas Detrick’s Tale in the Telling is a new band that digs deeply into the soils of America’s musical past, looking for old roots that still grow new fruits. With a core trio of guitarist Mike Gamble and drummer Barra Brown, we reinvent songs from the most diverse of sources—fiddle tunes, sea chantys, gospel, blues, ballads, work and play songs—to see what meaning they have for today’s audience. Special guest Kela Parker joins singing a ballad and a song by Elizabeth Cotten.