Be the first to find out what the PJCE has in store for its 2015/16 season & learn about our exciting NEW membership program! There will be guest speakers, chances to win tickets to Portland Center Stage and Hollywood Theater and FREE pizza. It won’t be a Hoopla without YOU!!

  • Date: October 1st, 2015
  • Time: 7-9p
  • Location: Fillmore Coffee, 7201 NE Glisan in Portland

We’ll share details of our 15/16 Season, and do a raffle to support our upcoming season.

  • Fall concert – Blue Cranes and PJCE Sextet w/ singer/songwriter Catherine Feeney at Alberta St Pub, November 24th at 9pm
  • Winter concert – music of Ezra Weiss & Kerry Politzer, including mentorship of Devina Boughton and Andres Moreno @ Old Church, February 20th (1422 SW 11th Ave, Portland, OR 97201) at 8 pm
  • Spring concerts – An exciting new project: Oregon Stories, a series of radio documentary peices featuring original music by Darrell Grant, Mark Orton & Douglas Detrick to accompany three stories from unsung Oregon communities:
    • Lesley Unthank will talk about her father DeNorval Unthank, Oregon’s first black physician, and his struggle to find housing for his family in segregated Portland;
    • Linda Tamura will tell the story of George Akiyama, a Japanese-American World War II veteran who was threatened with violence in his hometown of Hood River when he returned from the war;
    • Deborah Dempsey will tell the story of how she became the first and only woman Columbia River Bar Pilot, and about a near-death experience while guiding a Greek container vessel into the river mouth during a storm. Jessica Rand, of KMHD Jazz Radio, will produce these interview-based audio stories.
  • Launch of our new website! Many thanks to RBLPDX web design for helping us with this!
  • Ryan Meagher is the new Director of the PJCE Records Label!
  • An exciting new partnership with Portland Center Stage where we’ll curate speakers for 3 post-show talks with Lynn Darroch, Paul Knauls, Marilyn Keller, and Chris Brown. All these talks will be released as special episodes of our podcast, Beyond Category!
  • Special guests: Kelsey Tyler, Darrell Grant, Catherine Feeney, Mark Orton