The third workshop in a series of four as part of the PJCE’s Grasshoppers Student Composer Mentorship program.

These free workshops are aimed toward new and experienced composers interested in learning how to properly score and arrange parts for jazz instruments. Classes will be one hour long and led by accomplished, Portland-based musicians. Attendees can expect to learn how to write playable and well-notated parts for the instrument family covered in the workshops. Each teacher will share what’ve they’ve learned as a seasoned performer and composer.

Mieke Bruggeman is a performer, educator, composer/arranger and the development director for PJCE.

She can be heard regularly performing with the Quadraphonnes – an all-female sax quartet, the Afro-Cuban band Melao de Cuba, the pit orchestra at Portland Center Stage and Broadway Rose Theater and once in a blue moon you’ll catch her playing classical alto.

Mieke is also heavily involved in various music education endeavors. She has a studio of private students, assists the band director at Roosevelt High School and Beaumont Middle School as well as the Portland Youth Jazz Orchestra IIB class. She is heavily involved in promoting music education and loves collaborating with her music community.

Music is the one outlet that (as author Tom Robbins might say) keeps the oxygen from leaking out of her life.