Live 10/19/12 | PJCE Sextet

The PJCE Sextet performance from the 2012 fall fundraising event. The band performs original works by its members and other composers in the Portland area and is made up of the core members of the full 12-piece Portland Jazz Composers’ Ensemble.

This is the pre-inagural release for PJCE Records, a new branch of the organization that releases albums documenting the wide variety of original music being created by Portland area jazz composers and improvisers. We aim to provide an outlet to encourage the dissemination of new music in the area as well as fostering community within the jazz and improvised music community in Portland.

We release approximately one album per month in limited CD pressings and digitally (with occasional digital-only releases). The albums are recorded live to two-track in one session per album, keeping production costs low while creating a “live” atmosphere and encouraging experimentation and collaboration. The label is operated by the Portland Jazz Composers’ Ensemble and all rights to the music remain with the individual artists.

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